The Organisers

LAPADA Art & Antiques Fair is run as a trade association event put on for the benefit of our member dealers in order to benefit the art and antiques trade as a whole. Every exhibiting gallery or dealer is a LAPADA member and must subscribe to a strict Code of Conduct. Every piece on sale at the fair is vetted by an expert committee of 50 specialists.

Chief Executive
Rebecca Davies
E [email protected]

Fair Director
Mieka Sywak
E [email protected]

Fair Organiser
Emma McVittie
E [email protected]

Vetting Coordinator
Kate Dilnott-Cooper
E [email protected]

For membership enquiries, please contact:

Louise McSherry
E [email protected]

Lucinda Pardoe
Accounts Payable
E [email protected]

Astrid McKenny Engström
Membership & Events Officer
E [email protected]

LAPADA The Association of Art & Antiques Dealers
The Plaza
535 Kings Road
London, SW10 0SZ

T +44 (0)20 7823 3511
E [email protected]

Fair Committee: The fair is also managed by a Fair Committee comprised of participating dealers and LAPADA Board Members. The Fair Committee includes:

Ian Anderson
F.E. Anderson & Son

Robert Barley
Robert Barley

Ian Butchoff
Butchoff Antiques

Anthea Gesua
AG Antiques

Costas Kleanthous
Kleanthous Antiques

Helen Linfield
Wakelin & Linfield

John Robertson
John Robertson

Charles Wallrock
Wick Antiques