with The Chitra Collection

LAPADA is proud to host the first UK exhibition of pieces from The Chitra Collection. A private collection of antique teaware, featuring items dating back as far as the 10th century, The Chitra Collection is owned by businessman Nirmal Sethia, founder of tea company Newby Teas. In total, it extends to more than 1700 rare and notable pieces.

The Chitra Collection is the world’s finest and most comprehensive private collection of historic teaware. With objects from Europe, Asia and the Americas, and from over a thousand years of history, it is a unique reflection of the longevity of tea and the diversity of tea-drinking customs across the world. For centuries, tea played a central role in culture and society as a medicinal drink, a focus for hospitality and familial domesticity, and as a symbol of national identity. It was also politically and economically significant as a source of profit, a tool of empire and as a trigger for revolution and war. Today, tea is the most ubiquitous of beverages and occupies an important place in the heart of Britain’s life and psyche.

As a tea taster by trade, Nirmal Sethia is passionate about creating the finest teas and reviving the art of tea making and drinking. Through collecting and preserving the finest historic teaware, it is his hope that respect for tea and its traditions can be rekindled. The collection is named in honour of his late wife, Chitra, and is owned by charitable trust, the N. Sethia Foundation.

Showcasing some of the finest and most historically significant pieces from the collection, this exhibition charts the history of tea through four themes: ‘Tea in Early China and Japan’, ‘Tea Comes to Europe’, ‘Tea and Empire’ and ‘Global Tea Culture’. The objects chosen not only reflect the historical importance of tea, they also shed light on the diverse ways in which this drink has been appreciated and the place of teaware in the evolution of design and craftsmanship.

The Chitra Collection is on display at the LAPADA Art & Antiques Fair from 13-18 September.

For more information about The Chitra Collection visit www.chitracollection.com

Silver-gilt Empire-style tea service, Jean-Baptiste-Claude Odiot, France, 1815–19


Silver tea set, Kashmir, India, 1880